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Who we are

General, cosmetic and restorative dentistry

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality dental care, attention to detail, personal and professional respect while having fun traveling to amazing places in Romania.

Apart from the dental care, we also take care of everything else, such as: transport, accommodation and tours. With special focus on delivering unbeatable prices and creating memorable memories.

We offer great interest and support in overcoming the fear of the dentist, we put science and technology in the service of your smile and focus on educating patients to prevent and treat all dental complaints and build a close relationship between the doctor and the patient.

How it works?

1. Contact us and tell us what your dentistry needs are and how long you will stay.

2. Get a flight to Bucharest for this period.

3. We meet at the airport and bring you to your place, optionally you can even visit something.

4. On request, we offer tours and transport, so you can enjoy your stay between your dental appointments.

Meet Dr. James Smith

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Feel Like Home

We want you to feel comfortable and enjoy your stay in Romania. That’s why we offer full transport, accommodation and tours while you are here.

Local and Private Tours

We want you to be safe and create unforgettable memories. Therefore, we give you full freedom and at request, we can even offer you private tours throughout Romania.

Crazy Nightlife

Romania’s nightlife is considered one of the best in the world. If you want to make your fantasies a reality, you are in the right place. We take care of your safety and make sure that you are completely satisfied.

Dental Care for the Whole Family

With state-of-the-art medical equipment, solid dental knowledge and flexible treatment schedules, our dentists will always find the right solution for every patient to treat their dental problems.


Adult care


Children care


Orthodontic care

We are a Full-Service Dental Clinic

Our experience in dentistry, doubled by a constant participation in specialization courses to keep up to date with the latest techniques in the field, guarantees the quality of our services.

Teeth Whitening

Implants & Restoration


Our Dentists

With modern equipment and highly trained and professional doctors, we look after every children and adult.

Dr. Nikola Kostovski

Spezialist Chirurgie ORO-Maxilo-Gesichts

Dr. Florin Martin

Allgemeine Zahnheilkunde

Dr. Irina Bazgan

Endodontie Spezialist


I’ve always wanted to visit Romania for Dracula, repairing my teeth was just a big bonus for me. But the best part were the prices.

Claudia Gerber

I was there for 2 weeks and had so much more left to do, lots of fun, great accommodation and excellent doctors and staff. I will come back next year to continue my adventure.

Anna Siegel

I cannot believe how cheap it was, for what they offered me I would’ve gladly pay double. I came with my wife and eleven year old son, the doctors were amazing. THANK YOU!

Karl Hermann

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Call: +49-176-68451841

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